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Yes, it looks like it's from 1993, this is designed to be small and fast!

This site specifically still uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, due to this, your browser may display a warning that this site is "not secure" - it's absolutely correct, it isn't! It does not need to be however. I don't collect any data, use any cookies, or have any kind of login or authentication in use on this site.

Most of this site is designed to be backwards-compatible with ancient web browsers which do not support modern protocols or security. If you're worried or would like to know any of the technical details of this site, just contact me via Twitter (@GloomyJD) (or take a look at the page source, it's all there!)

The issue preventing this site working in Firefox (and browsers based upon it) is now fixed, yay!
If you're bored, you might like playing some Jus!Quest!